What little I’m worth…

When I feel worthless, hopeless, and an utter failure, God reminds me of the great price He paid for me.

Not Listening…

We are masters of not listening and shutting others off. Let’s determine to listen when others come in love to turn us back towards Christ and away from sin.

When thoughts lie, listen to His truth.

Our thoughts often determine our attitude, our actions, our emotions. We need to take our thoughts captive and stand on the truth found in God’s Word. We fail, but we have hope in Him. His faithfulness and love towards us never cease.

What others cannot see.

There is a great passage in Scripture. It is found in Mark 6:1-6. Jesus has been out doing ministry and returns to His hometown. On the Sabbath, as He is teaching in the synagogue, the listeners begin to wonder where He got His wisdom and the ability to perform miracles. All they truly see when [...]

A word about homeschooling.

No. Homeschooling is not my typical topic of conversation in a blog post. However, with the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, many families are finding themselves trying to make decisions about returning to school, or virtual school. Which, loosely translated, is akin to homeschool. As a mother who has homeschooled for years, I have a [...]

Let me clarify…

Clarity. It is the one thing most often missing in communication. We believe we have effectively communicated only to find out later, we were misunderstood. Our hurt was mistaken for anger. Our concern was mistaken for judgment. Our passion was mistaken for reckless pursuit. And, in return, we misunderstand the communication that is given back [...]