One Powerful Weapon

"When we pray to God regularly, irregular things will happen on a regular basis." ~ Mark Batterson Prayer. It changes things. It can open doors that were once shut. It can bring healing to old wounds. It can cut down the enemy. It can bring in revival. It can change hearts, minds, souls... Prayer is [...]

The truth about Jonah

Almost everyone knows the story of Jonah. He is called to preach, runs away, gets swallowed by a great fish, gets vomited back out, finally obeys, then pouts about the outcome. Simple enough, right? For such a small book of the Bible, there is so much content in these 4 chapters. So much good information [...]

I want this one…

We are dirty, stained by sin, and broken. So very broken. Those who see us walk past and shake their heads. We are despised. We are rejected. We feel worthless. BUT JESUS! He sees us and says, "I want that one! I want the one that is dirty, stained, and broken. I want the one [...]