Run to win

In the past year I have started a new hobby: running. I always believed that in order to run, you had to be fast. Running was always a sport, something that athletes did. They ran races and competed to be the fastest. That’s it. Just a competition. All about speed. I always thought it would [...]

8 Minutes of Hope

Hope. We need it. It's defined as a feeling of expectation, a desire for a certain thing to happen, or a feeling of trust. We're living in a time where things are uncertain. People are fearful of what tomorrow might bring. They are anxious, panicked, and their thoughts are weighed down with negative thinking. They [...]

Then came the morning…

And just like that, the darkness vanished. Confusion turned to amazement. Sadness turned to joy. Words previously spoken, were now made clear. His words were not empty promises or fairytale ideation. They were truth. The cruelest of deaths and the harshest of penalties was paid on our behalf. He carried our sin, our failure, our [...]